On Thursday 16th February Henbury school held its annual election day to vote in our 2024 learning commissioners. Every student that nominated got multiple votes and should be congratulated for nominating.

Voting polls were set up in our hall and the whole school enjoyed a sausage sizzle.

Congratulations to the following elected members for 2024:

Kayden W
Morgan P
Jordan M
Ryan H
Laura Y
Oliver A
Jade O
Ayden Mc
Kinisha M

School captains:

Hannah Z
Michael L
Callum J
Snaha K
Cloe R


Happy Birthday to the following students that celebrate their birthdays in January/February:

Cindy – 2nd Jan
Kasey – 2nd Jan
Lachlan – 6th Jan
Kinisha 10th Jan
Drazik – 10th Jan
Dennis – 14th Jan
Lawrence – 17th Jan
Kayne – 18th Jan
Charlotte – 18th Jan
Zeon – 21st Jan
Dixon – 25th Jan
Kristine – 5th Feb
Joshua 6th Feb
Narvia – 7th Feb
Miguel – 8th Feb
Matthew 9th Feb
Jayden – 12th Feb
Elizabeth – 15th Feb
Jerome – 18th Feb
Carl – 18th Feb
Lachlan – 20th Feb
Sonny – 20th Feb
Ilias – 21 Feb
George 25th Feb
Mark – 26th Feb
Devanshi – 27th Feb

UPCOMING EVENTS – Term 1, 2024

Wednesday 13th March @ 4:30pm

School council AGM

Friday 29th March

Good Friday – Public holiday

Monday 1st April

Easter Monday – Public holiday

Thursday 25th April

ANZAC Day – Public holiday

Friday 5th April

Last day of Term 1

Monday 15th April

First day of Term 2


Having started the process in 2022, the new school polo shirt was finalised in 2023 and presented at the final awards assembly on the 12 December 2023. For more information about the story and the design of our new uniforms see the attachment below.

SchoolZine PHONE APP

Henbury School currently uses SchoolZine to publish newsletters throughout the year. The school newsletter is an important communication tool to inform our school community of student learning, important notices and upcoming events.

To increase accessibility to this service we would like to introduce the SchoolZine app.

This is a free app that can be easily downloaded onto any iPhone or android device which allows school newsletters to be viewed conveniently on any smartphone or tablet device.

To download this app please see information attached. Please ask at the front office for assistance if required.


Our school captains had their first official duty on Thursday 1st February, showing His Honour and Ms Jones around our beautiful school. Congratulations on being such great representatives of Henbury School, we are very proud of you.


Welcome to 2024! What a wonderful start to the year as students new and old settle into their classes.

Your leadership team:

Sarah Corry

Lauren Hofmeyer
Assistant Principal

Raylee Parker
Assistant Principal

Felicity Faull
Senior Teacher – TAP
(Transitioning and Pathways)

Amanda Philp
Senior Teacher – CAR
(Curriculum, assessment and reporting)


We would like to welcome the following new staff to Henbury:

Josh Keating

Amelia Llewelyn

Joe Bray

Natalie Morrissey

Lucinda Pengilly


As part of our school activities, we offer parents/carers a nutrition program in which students are provided with recess and lunch throughout the school year.  The cost of this program is $30.00 per week.  This price factors in recent inflation and public holidays, but does not allow for adhoc absenteeism.  If your child is going to be away for more than 2 days in the same week and we get a minimum of one weeks’ notice, we can make a manual adjustment to your costs and will arrange for a credit note or refund to be processed. Non-payment will result in suspension of the program.


Excursion notes will be coming home soon, if not already for shopping, community access, work experience, VET and swimming. Student excursions are an integral part of students’ learning and development in a variety of areas.


If you would like to have a say in how our school operates, our School Council AGM will be held on 13th March. We encourage any new or existing parents to join. We would also like to encourage a first nation voice for our school council as we have 52% indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. You don’t need any experience to join, just a passion to provide the best for your child. We meet two or three times a term on Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:30 (times/days can be altered to suit the cohort of parents on the committee).


All staff attended the Day 1 ‘Start up Session’ lead by Sarah Corry where amongst other things the focus of our school improvement for 2024 was shared. Staff were then presented with comprehensive information and resources on our whole school Meaningful Maths program by Amanda Thomas. Following this was a focus on literacy. Amanda Philp introduced Comprehensive Literacy and how this will support students’ outcomes in literacy, especially around communication.  Finally, Flynn presented the 2023 work and celebrated the success of teachers’ implementation of Read Write Inc. – Fresh Start. Flynn also outlined how we will continue to support staff in 2024 with ongoing professional development and targeted feedback.


Henbury is a positive learning environment, educating and empowering our students, staff, families and community through partnerships. We provide personalised and challenging opportunities that enable students and their families to design and participate in their preferred futures.


Your CDC special needs transport contact at Henbury School is Lauren Hofmeyer:, 8997 7077.


Any enquiries for Social Recreation @ Henbury (SR@H) – out of school hours or holiday program care, please direct to Noor Arbon


Lastly, the Henbury Precinct café is opening soon. The Op Shop is already open for donations and sales. Check out our Facebook page for more details!


If your child is away from school it is important that you notify the school as soon as possible.

You can do this by calling the front office on 89977077 or emailing .Absence notifications can also be sent via SchoolZine which is our newsletter app.

Sarah Corry


For the students, by the students. 

Henbury School is a proudly multicultural school, including 55% first nations students and myriad of other cultural groups the world over. Over the past 18 months, the students of Henbury School have been committed to closing the gap, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and supporting all students to be successful learners and members of the community.

The students of Henbury School worked towards embedding all cultures in everyday learning and activities, developing and creating a space for a Dreamtime Mosaic Circle, a wall of hands celebrating togetherness and unity, and now redesigning a new school uniform. Students worked together to express their ideas using designs, symbolism, and stories that were meaningful to them. The school’s Learning Commissioners presented these ideas to the student body, with all students participating in voting for their favorite designs.

We are looking forward to the t-shirts becoming a visible expression of cultural identity, allowing students to celebrate and share their heritage with others. This new t-shirt will promote a sense of unity among students, creating a feeling of belonging to a larger community and creating an inclusive environment that values and respects diverse backgrounds, fostering a positive school culture.

The design process itself was an educational opportunity, involving students in researching and understanding their own culture or the cultures of their peers. Students celebrated with pride and it contributed to the overall school spirit, providing tangible symbols to rally around and create a positive atmosphere within the school.

In summary, creating Indigenous school t-shirts for students was a multifaceted initiative that goes beyond just providing clothing. It's about fostering pride, building community, promoting cultural awareness, and creating an inclusive and respectful school environment for all students.

Thank you for leading this process Amanda Philp and Teacher Commissioner Amanda Thomas and Student commissioners who supported this collaborative process across the school.


In celebration of a busy and successful year, Henbury school partied out on the last day of school with a Xmas BBQ and Pavlova decorating competition. Green 2 won the competition with their gloriously fruity and minty pavlova.

From all the staff at Henbury we want to wish all families a safe and happy holiday.

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Kaleb from P2 entered the COTA seniors competition with his story about his nana for NT Grandparents Day this year, and he won!! He is super pleased.

On Tuesday he went and collected his $100 voucher prize and had his photo taken for their newsletter and Facebook page announcement. His nana was very proud. 

My Nana
By Kaleb Collins, Grade 8 Henbury School 2023

When nana was young in the 70’s she used to play around with her kids taking them to the playgrounds.

In 1974 December 25, Cyclone Tracy destroyed Darwin. Darwin was gone. Lucky nana survived.

I decided to look after nana, I give her food and drink when she’s sick. Me and nana just laugh and laugh sometimes about a funny ad on tv where the car crashes and about farts.

Nana and I order breakfast hash browns at Maccas, nana has a big mac and I like quarter pounders.

Nana goes shopping at casuarina for her grandkids, it makes her happy. Nana likes me to do scratches on her back. I hope I’m good to my nana, happy grandparents day 73 year old woman.



Happy Birthday to the following students that celebrate their birthdays in December:

Francis – 5th

Aiko – 5th

Lebron – 7th

Yanni – 7th

Breanden – 10th

Shianne – 10th

Judy – 11th

Cooper – 15th

Ayden-Lee – 22nd

Mez – 22nd

Blake – 22nd

Kyan – 27th

Eddie – 28th

Hunter – 30th

Shakira – 30th

Timothy – 31st


Monday 8th January

Henbury Front Office opens January 8 2024

Tuesday 30th January

Students return to school

Friday 26th January  

Australia Day


Office Hours for school holidays from Friday 15th December 2023 to Thursday 25th January 2024 will be 8am to 4pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 3pm on Friday – CLOSED Friday 22nd December 2023 until Friday 5th January 2024 inclusive of these days.

The Henbury school front office will reopen on January 8 2024. Office hours are 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. $150 Back to school vouchers are available to use towards the purchase of uniforms and stationary packs. These need to be signed for by Parents or Carers.


Thank you to all donators, sponsors and attendees for making our event so special.

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Well done to all the students involved in the performances held at the school the last couple of days. 

Opening night saw nerves conquered and acting debuts all around, including some last minute casting changes. Thursday morning's performance was "hot"! But the audience laughed along and were awed by costume and confidence alike. 

Thursday evening’s finale though was something else. The students performed with confidence, joy and passion. They were fully committed to their characters and did such an amazing job. 

None of this would have been possible without the support of Shelley, Georgie, Aminah, Andy, Molly, Lucy S and Brittany.

Thanks too for everyone who managed to come along to a performance or who touched base with our performers with words of encouragement. 

Students participating in live performances include Kristine, Heidi, Faye, Mia and Zacharias from Green 2, Morgan, Kinisha, Marilyn, Yianni, Josh, Lucie, Lawrence from Blue 1, Kiara, Aiko, Martika, Bonnie and Dixon from Blue 2 and Narvia from CSC.

Lastly, a huge shout out to Maddy. She did an awesome job supporting every student to go out and give it their all on show nights, as well as in rehearsals. Maddy was able to give so much support to the students, energy, motivation and keep spirits up throughout the semester.  



On Thursday 23rd November our “Class of 2023” Year 12 students celebrated the closing of their schooling chapter at the Hilton Darwin. Students were joined by 116 guests including their families, friends, staff, and special guests. Everyone enjoyed a night of celebratory speeches (many tears were shed), delicious food, certificate presentation, great laughs at that photo booth and fun dancing to top off a fantastic night. We are so proud of all of our Year 12s and will miss them greatly, however, look forward to seeing them out and about around the community!

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Chief Ministers Literacy Awards

Year 7
Elizabeth - Most Imaginative Visual
Natalia – Most Imaginative Written

Year 8
Jade - Most Improved Reading
Julian - Most Improved Oral Language
Mark - Most Improved Oral Language
Max - Most Outstanding Communicator
Abrey - Most Outstanding Communicator

Year 9
Bonita - Most Imaginative Visual
Chantelle - Most Improved Reading
Kayden - Most Improved Writing
Jacob - Most Outstanding Communicator

Year 10
Andrew – Most Improved Oral Language
Sierra - Most Imaginative Written

Year 11
Heidi - Most Imaginative Written
Courtney - Most Improved Reading
Callum - Most Improved Oral Language

Year 12
Sophie – Most Imaginative Visual
Shawn - Most Outstanding Communicator
Hasan - Most Improved Oral Communication
Flynn - Most Imaginative Written

STEM Awards
Middle Years – Jade 
Senior Years – Leeam 

Board of Studies Awards
Top Achiever Year 9 – Kayden 
Top Achiever Year 12 – Sophie 
Top Year 12 Aboriginal Student – Roanin 
Top Personal Learning Student – Faye 

2024 School Captains

2024 Vice Captains

AMPOL All Rounder
Trinidey S
Trinidey is mature, dedicated, enthusiastic, a great role model, passionate, and relates well to others. He is keen to help others even if it means he has to go out of his way to do so. He has embraced all areas within and outside the school environment this year.

Henbury All Rounder
Leeam T
Leeam was a consistently hard worker who could be counted on to complete whatever tasks were assigned to him within and outside the school environment. He is a mature, polite and respectful young person who took on significantly more responsibility over the year.

Citizen of the year Australia Day Award
Ethan K
Ethan is a polite and cooperative young person who relates well to others and is conscientious with his studies both in the classroom and when undergoing work training. He has an enthusiasm for life and is willing to help others when they are struggling. Ethan’s sense of humour is an integral part of his caring personality which he often uses to cheer people up. 

Henbury Sports Person of the Year Awards
Middle Years – Clinton 
Senior Years – Agnes 

Henbury Art Award
Blue 4 

VET Awards
Jordan – Certificate I in Hospitality
Cloe – Certificate I in Hospitality
Merrik – Certificate I in Hospitality
Michael – Certificate I in Hospitality
Shawn – Certificate I in Hospitality
Hayley – Certificate I in Hospitality
Riley – Certificate I in Hospitality
Hannah – Certificate I in Hospitality
Azaria – Certificate I in Hospitality
Antonia – Certificate I in Hospitality
Ryan – Certificate I in Hospitality
Jerome – Certificate I in Hospitality
Hasan – Certificate I in Hospitality
Ethan – Certificate I in Hospitality
Snaha – Certificate I in Hospitality

Transition From School
Jayden – Free Spirit Resort & Crocodylus Park
Trinidey – Bunnings Airport Darwin
Jerome – Free Spirit Resort
Flynn – Bunnings Airport Darwin
Roanin – Free Spirit Resort

Values Awards





Mark & Peter 

100% Attendance for the year Awards      


Briseis represented the NT in the Australian Athletics Championships in Perth. She brought home the silver medal for shot put and long jump. Congratulations Briseis.


Here we are at the end of another school year. I am so very proud of what we have been able to achieve this year. Thank you to all our staff, without you we would not be able to provide the programs, events and opportunities offered to our students and their families. In the face of challenges, you always rise to the occasion and put our students at the center of everything you do. To our families and carers, thank you for supporting our young people and willingly working with our staff to achieve the goals we set out to at the beginning of the year. Together we celebrate the individual uniqueness of each student. Well done to each and every one of you. It was a pleasure reading each of your reports and seeing the progress you have made academically and personally.

We finished the year on a high making over 65k at the AREA 9 presents, Henbury Corporate Christmas Luncheon on the 1st December. A massive shout out to Raylee Parker and Lauren Hofmeyer chief organisers and their awesome team of helpers that went above and beyond to secure donations and sponsors. All in all, it was totally a Henbury team effort with staff contributing to the various pieces of the puzzle that make an event like this come together.

I would like to extend my congratulations to Flynn and all the staff and students who were part of the outdoor production of the Shakespeare play, “A Mid-Summer Nights Dream.” We certainly have some talent from both students and staff. Thank you to all those who attended the performance, you were a captive audience and laughed and applauded in all the right places.

Finally, congratulations to our graduating year 12’s. I have certainly shed a few tears of pride, and sadness knowing we won’t see you as much next year. I look forward to watching where your next path takes you.

Please join me in celebrating all our award winners for our 2023 presentation assembly and welcoming our new school captains for 2024.

Have a safe and joyful holiday season. I look forward to welcoming our current and new students back on Tuesday 30th January.

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Sarah Corry

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